Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Drones Challenges for Global Minds: Part II

Here we are with the last bits of our little investigation on drone challenges. High time to move on to the accidents column.

# 4 Ever Fly, Ever Crash
Whatever safe and elaborate a tech device is programmed to be, accidents happen. Thus, the statistics revealed that Air Force drones set a sorrowful record of crashes last year.


 What is especially striking, a half of the vehicles were military airstrike and surveillance Reaper drones worth about $14 million each. Experts suppose the incidents are caused by "manufacturing quality issues".

# 5 Advocating Drones
As soon as one starts googling about drone incidents, he or she certainly gets quite a collection of cases including drones crashing into people’s faces in crowded areas and running into other aircraft, let alone the drone landed on the White House lawn. 

Naturally, this implies equally numerous law issues that occur with mass drone usage. Privacy intrusion, personal injury, and property damage are just a few of them. Consequently, evolving drone services target a significant expansion of novel drone-specific insurance areas.

“Welcome Addiction”: Why Drones Win? 
Still, independent analytics note that none of the drone crashes caused a serious injury as defined by the National Transportation Safety Board — neither to a person nor to a manned aircraft, which means a unique level of security as compared to any other guided flight vehicle. And that’s the most encouraging statistics.

Even though there are many issues to consider, drone-based developments keep embracing more and more market areas. Thus, at this year’s CES Ford Corporation announced drone-to-vehicle communication project along with its autonomous testing program and transportation-related undertakings. Moreover, the automaker claimed a challenging partnership with Amazon meaning a true milestone that implies stepping into mobility and the IoT domains.


Indeed, CES analytics reported two major trends of the conference — automotive tech and drones development, of which we are utterly excited, as far as currently Softeq’s team has a couple of complex projects underway, each yielding advanced hardware and embedded solutions applicable in a wide array of industries, automotive included. 

What other challenges and perspectives for drone projects do you consider? Let’s discuss!