Thursday, December 17, 2015

The Durateq® ATV Year Round Up: Celebrating its 30th Installation at the U.S. Holy of Holies

If the Durateq were a distance runner, it would race as fast as Forrest Gump used to. In the run-up to its 10 years anniversary, anticipating a new challenging section of its path, DURATEQ® Assistive Technology System was successfully installed in several major locations to cater for the needs of a most sensitive clientele ever. 

Providing a year-round accessible experience for all guests throughout the most popular public venues, including museums, parks, memorials, and other prominent landmarks, in 2015 Durateq reached a couple of true milestones. Let’s take a closer look at them.

An All-embracing Imagination Trigger

Watching the geography of Durateq installations one could most likely enter upon an alternative way of studying the wealth and depth of the U.S. history and investigating the country’s most remarkable venues. Thus, the year 2015 began with Durateq landing at Oregon Caves National Monument and Preserve to help everyone explore its renovated visitor center, cave tours and hiking trails. Heading further on a trip to major historical attractions, the Durateq handheld device launched on the historic grounds of Fort Davis with its best-preserved “Buffalo Soldier” forts in the west.

From this summer on, Durateq offers audio description for guests with visual and hearing impairments at the Cuyahoga Valley National Park’s newest attraction, the Canal Exploration Center in Valley View, Ohio.

Yellowstone National Park

That same immersive experience waits those who wish to imbibe every bit of natural beauty at the Yellowstone National Park or feel a peculiar thrill amongst the magnificent and wild desert ruins at Pecos National Historical Park in Pecos, NM.

Pecos National Historical Park 

The word of mouth from users keeps stirring up interest to the assistive gadget. Recently, it became the subject of discussion at the BADCast special called Champions In Accessibility, where the host Pete Lane and his guest Bryan Gould, director at National Center for Accessible Media, emphasized the device’s easy user experience, effective tactile buttons and handy menuing and scripts overlaying.

We Have a Dream…

Now that we can proudly admit that Durateq technology evolves into a vast network of assistive connection, its missions grow more responsible. Thus, the team is honored to have contributed assistive technology for the Flight 93 Memorial, which opened on September 11, 2015.  


Last but never ever least, the grand pleasure is to announce one of the major accomplishments this year. Here it is: the Durateq assistive tech goes to… the White House! The guests can now walk through the beautiful halls holding the lightweight gadget and enjoying the detailed audio description of every single curious thing around. Do us the honour, take a walk around the stunning presidential residence!

We expect new horizons to open for the Durateq ATV in 2016! Follow Durateq on Twitter to stay tuned.

Happy Holidays!