Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Softeq’s Firmware Engineer Named the Member of the Month by the Silicon Labs Community

Giving and asking for a helping hand at the proper time is a straight way to luck. We may say this for sure through the experience of Dmitry, Firmware Engineer at Softeq’s Embedded Systems Department, who was lately named the member of the month by the Silicon Labs Community. Dmitry excelled others writing detailed articles that help other members avoid issues while employing specific tools by the manufacturer. 

In a recently published interview to the Silicon Labs, Dmitry noticed that what was especially appealing to him while taking decision to apply to Softeq were the company’s competencies in full-cycle custom software development and R&D services. The project that Dmitry has been currently involved in comprises development of an innovative embedded solution for warehouse management. The client, a U.S.-based lighting equipment services company, needed a seasoned technology partner with a strong firmware and hardware engineering expertise, as well as unmatched experience developing for the Internet of Things, to help create an efficient, scalable and smoothly functioning solution automating daily routine for the operator taking an accurate control of the equipment in stock.

As long as the team defined the requirements for the microprocessor to be employed, Dmitry took on testing EZR32 by Silicon Labs and thus started a QA-session within the community to report on his experience and ask for the experts’ advice. Now that our Firmware Engineer’s initiative came spotlighted, we wish him a whole lot of new achievements and challenges ahead of the curve. Congrats Dmitry! Go Softeq!