Friday, August 21, 2015

Historic Park Springs into an Advanced Adventure Due to Assistive Tech

Lifetime adventure of the DURATEQ® Assistive Technology System goes on and on, covering more extensive area of theme parks and museums across the U.S. supporting Audio Description, Assistive Listening and Closed Captioning. As long as the Cuyahoga Valley National Park took on a project targeted at reequipping the former Canal Visitor Center into a new attraction, the Canal Exploration Center, their team was seeking a seasoned provider of assistive technologies to enable an immersive experience to the visitors with visual and hearing impairments.

Having embedded software development services among its main differentiators, Softeq managed to meet the Canal Exploration Center team’s requirements with its DURATEQ® Assistive Technology System, which successfully came through the installation procedure within the venue in Valley View, Ohio.

Opened in 2014, the Canal Exploration Center offers a trip into the Canal Era with its people’s struggles for freedom, acceptance, work, and trade development through a series of interactive and engaging exhibits with games and maps, focusing on the historic Ohio & Erie Canal life.

The present day construction differs from the one of the 1800’s, which had lower ceilings and smaller rooms, initially hosting a residence, a tavern, as well as general store.

The DURATEQ® Assistive Technology System implemented by Softeq helps visitors with hearing loss, low vision or blindness fully enjoy the venue through assistive listening (ALS) or audio description (AD). The system is composed of five handheld devices and one five-unit charging station. One of the most important requirements of the Canal Exploration Center team was an uninterruptable output of audio description on the handhelds.

Thus, precise arrangement of the infrared (IR) emitters around each major exhibit fixed the problem completely. Three FM transmitters placed at the interactive exhibits send audio descriptions to FCC designated assistive listening frequencies, amplified on the DURATEQ handhelds. In order to provide all guests with an utterly immersive experience, Softeq team installed two additional FM transmitters enabling assistive listening and audio description in the theater.

For those who are planning a trip to Ohio, especially with the family, the Canal Exploration Center is definitely a must-see, as it offers a nice chance to plunge into a two-century-long history given in a captivating way for people of all ages and all abilities.