Thursday, April 30, 2015

VRable, ARable, Wearable — All Suitable?

Analyzing the experience of recently visited conferences in the game development industry and talking a lot to our clients and partners in this field, our good old friends at zGames contemplated on the practical conclusions and development strategy updates and produced an insight on gaming trends that are likely to boom in the nearest future. Here is the summary of their findings, and if you get your kicks from the details rather than the story-cut-short, please proceed to the original article at
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Beyond the Boundaries of Reality
The virtual reality concept utterly enamoured the entertainment world, involving into Virtual and Augmented Reality race a collection of industry giants and inspiring smaller companies to venture out into the battle of innovation ideas. 

“Losing Flesh” or “Going Out Among the People”
How to overcome the industry movers and shakers while gaining gamers’ love? Quite an issue it is, but still there are always ways out. Some developers manage to wriggle along introducing lite HTML game demos, making life easier for users unwilling to download the game before testing it. Others prefer social integration in the manifold in order to remain closely engaged with the gamers’ audience. 

Your Personal Jesus
Whether we like it or not, the patronage of AAA-Title Developers cannot be understated. The best thing is that indie studios do not necessarily have to bend over backwards in order to be grunted an audience, as heavy hitters themselves launch special programs for talented teams offering a helping hand while the latter are on their way to gaming Olympus. 

Digital Games Gaining Sense
Anyone’s rest of those anathematizing digital gamification in educational? No way we hope. As educational game development and integration into the learning process proved to be increasingly efficient in terms of new material comprehension — and that now comes beyond controversy throughout educators’ environment.  

Console and Gym: Pieces of Desolation?  
The evolution of devices turns mobile phones into phablets, empowering them with extra performance and responsiveness that are perfectly enough for hardcore gaming. Equally, eSports gain appreciation by leaps and bounds, which makes them reminiscent of the Olympics.

Speaking with Toys: Play for Real
Wearables industry has its feet on the ground, covering more and more marketspace throughout a number of fields — from gaming and sports to medicine and manufacturing. Moreover, the digital gaming emerges into the real world at the will of the industry Atlases, who breathe life into their toys framing them with a capacity of near field communication with users’ gamepads and consoles.

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