Thursday, February 19, 2015

Winning Combinations for the IoT

Let us look at that: at present, the IoT market is reminiscent of a battlefield in anticipation of fight between experienced knights armed with truly workable decisions. We suppose that the distribution of forces and strategies would be somehow cleared up during the M2M World Congress in April. Still, apart from major security problems we discussed in the previous article there are other challenges to deal with. So, what are the fields for IoT developments in the highest demand?

Definitely the noblest area for truly vital developments: optimization of data for medical reports, taking control of state of health by electronic measuring and even saving lives by early diagnostics of terminal diseases. For Softeq’s team it is a great honour and privilege to be involved in such projects. Having lucky experience in creating proprietary products, we are eager to help those who seek implementation of their IoT ideas. Our specialists also tapped hardware design and embedded programming expertise to carry out comprehensive R&D works for implementing a feature-rich multi-component wearable telecare solution.

Transportation and Traffic Administration
Overall enhancing road capacity and saving fuel resources are also at the top of “to do” list concerning M2M communication projects. IoT developments for proper regulation of traffic flow and prevention of collisions are needed more than ever. Smart Parking, Solar Freaken Highways are already invented by brilliant heads, but the source of innovation plans within the sphere is inexhaustible.

Housing and Communal Services
Remarkable ideas in Housing and Communal Services area are greatly welcomed. Smart decisions for reducing energy consumption and cost, as well as for optimization of services would be for sure in high demand. A classic example is Russian telematic service by MegaFon, which collects the information about housing consumption of resources.

Public Security
The IoT R&D for public security purposes would never be ignored, perfectly catering to an array of customers and markets — from transportation to law enforcement. Instant delivery of data from heterogeneous sources to a portable somewhere out there in the middle of the concrete jungle is already a reality. Japan’s police use digital cameras with innovative SD WORM memory cards inside to capture forensic images and store the evidence securely for up to 100 years.

The media and entertainment business requires innovation and the wow-effect like no other. For a tech company it is always challenging and exciting to help test the feasibility of such advanced solutions as a new wearable for the entertainment industry giant. The innovative form-factor — a Bluetooth-powered badge shaped as a popular cartoon character — is pinned to the visitor’s clothes to receive and transmit data from infrared sensors installed at the venue to an iOS app for further analysis from the customer care and marketing perspectives. Among Softeq’s projects within the area, there is also creation of wirelessly controlled LED lighting device for public events and show biz performances.

Experts claim that one of the priority objectives in the age of “Industry 4.0” is quality R&D in manufacturing. There are plenty of tasks that remain to be short of ingenious decisions: orchestration of manufacturing processes, detection and control over technique operability. All of them are among major concerns of IT market leaders. For companies operating in high-risk environments smart robotics and advanced wearables are the solution of choice. You would be surprised to know how technically complex, both from the hardware, software and engineering points of view, the modern Oil & Gas equipment and drilling tools are.

We do our best to stay at the forefront of technological progress and help our clients bring to life and hit the market with next-gen wearable tech solutions. Are you ready to jump into the new era of IoT with us?