Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Softeq Knows the Score: Clutch Extracts Secrets about Mobile Apps

Having an intense ardor to discover some cutting-edge or off-the-beaten-track methods of mobile app development, Clutch continues interviewing leading experts within the area. Softeq’s VP Engineering Paul Fruia highlighted a number of crucial points that enable our team to build bug-free apps meeting all the customers’ expectations and quality standards.

First Issue to Fix

Choosing the most appropriate platform and device standard before giving a go to the app project.

A Truly Competent Approach to Hybrid Apps
Hybrid apps are not necessarily an applicable solution. In terms of information security in particular cases, it is better to implement native apps for each platform.  

Still Paranoid — First iOS or Android?
Choosing a platform for the future app, the developer is to put priorities — whether it would be focused more on covering a wide customer audience or moneymaking — as Android devices are much more numerous in the market, while the Apple ones are considered more promising for earning profit.

Major Pricing Factors
Features are above all! Total app cost is directly related to the complexity of functionality to be developed.

Defining a Minimum Budget — Is It a Must?
In order to deliver a functional app that meets all business requirements, it is necessary to set up the entry point. That doesn’t mean that all the low-budget projects should be rejected, it just comes in handy while defining clients’ expectations. 

An Ideal Corporate Management Recipe by Softeq
Having a solid remote team of skilled specialists along with U.S.-based project management makes a great deal of success. Disregarding geography, the project success depends on how well the vendor understands the client’s business needs and how mature and responsible the production units are. 

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