Thursday, July 24, 2014

Enterprise Infrastructure Is Changing its Face with Hardware

Are you witnessing the upsurge of hardware proclaimed to become the new software by tech folks and the Silicon Valley crowd? We certainly do. 

Hardware is on the rise 

To add more to that, it turns into a more and more commodified line of business. The enterprise doesn’t remain aloof either. In fact, it almost never was, with enterprise tech solutions often representing a complex architecture that takes in all three levels from hardware through data to client software. 

That said, this extended enterprise infrastructure has caught the new tech trend – a more lightweight mobile type of “enterprise” on the client side and hardware embracing both portable gadgets and add-on hardware thingies. 

Read an elaborated take on the topic in the article “Smart Enterprise – Entwined Software, Data and Hardware Levels” by our Sales Advisor Alex Timoshenko, with 10+ years experience in the software space.