Monday, March 17, 2014

Durateq® ATV celebrates its 20th deployment: Part 2

Softeq's Assistive Technology Solution now at The David Wills House

While on the anniversary wave, here is a brief overview of another remarkable installation of the Durateq Assistive Technology system which we completed right before Christmas. This time the Softeq team took a flight to Pennsylvania’s Gettysburg to help the David Wills House become more accessible.
Read the official press release with Paul Fruia's comments on the project.

The museum, with its six galleries and recreated rooms, eternalizes the memory of President Abraham Lincoln and his brilliant Gettysburg Address, pronounced in a lynchpin moment of the Civil War. The Durateq technology helps people with hearing and visual disabilities enjoy an immersive guest experience in this patriotic place.

First Floor Gallery (assistive listening and audio description)

 It was very important for the Softeq team to set up all the Durateq infrastructure in the way it wouldn’t detract guests from the historic atmosphere and the unique exhibition. 

Lincolns Bedroom

      The ALiCE (Assistive LIstening and Captioning Engine) software, powering the DURATEQ ATV system, was customized to allow the user to switch between audio description of the Parlor area of the House and the video displayed above the fireplace by pressing the square “pause” button on the DURATEQ device. So, if the user is in the Parlor listening to the AD content, they could pause the content by pressing the square button and listen to the AD content for the video, when it is playing. Pressing the button again, resumes playback of the Parlor AD content, where the user left off.

Second Floor Gallery

The final hardware installation was as follows:
  • DURATEQ Handhelds
  • 5U Multi-unit Charging Dock
  • Break-away Neck Lanyards
  • TRACK Emitters
  • SPOT Emitters

Listen FM transmitters