Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Video Testimonial from Atlas Copco

We cannot resist sharing our latest video: 

Daniel EgaƱa, Web Manager at Atlas Copco, a Fortune 500 industrial giant, has shared his impressions of outsourcing mobile application development to SOFTEQ’s team.

Atlas Copco has always been interested in delivering a consistent message to their prospects and customers, internal and external. In line with this vision, they intend to use all digital channels, including the opportunities offered by the Internet, social media, and the mobile space.

BUILD is a corporate customer magazine with a focus on construction market news that Atlas Copco decided to convert from print to digital. 

One of the core project goals was to deliver an excellent user experience to the readers in terms of usability and visual aesthetics while adding interactivity through embedded video content and communication opportunities directly in the app.

So far we have created an HTML5-coded e-magazine application on iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android. Other plans include extending the geographical reach through adding multiple new languages  watch the video for more details.

Huge thanks to Daniel for his warm, motivating words to our development team! It is really great to have confirmation we are meeting the high standards we set for ourselves, as well as those of our customers. 

Read more about this project in our Case Study

The BUILD app is available for download directly from the Apple App Store and Google Play.