Wednesday, May 22, 2013

XXIth RGDC: mission complete

While the drumbeat of another game development event is fading out, let’s bottom-line it and share some impressions.

Everything the community wanted to know about game development and were interested to learn from the industry swamis was there, at the XXIth annual Russian Game Developers Conference, aka KRI 2013. Over 1400 seasoned game pros, from developers to artists, animators, and VX/SX specialists, gathered in Russia's capital city last week to discuss best practices, trends, and recognize some of the brightest achievements over the previous year.

Softeq’s Mobile Game Dev troopers, equipped with 5+ year experience of mobile game design and a bunch of cool iOS and Android games in the portfolio, moved their boots to Moscow to take an active hand in the event. Our game designer was among the top speakers side by side with reps of Microsoft, Mail.Ru, Nival and others.

Zeptolab, the author of the renowned Cut the Rope game, voted our Game Designer’s presentation of the Pong World Project one of the best of Day 1.

Pavel Shtangeev unveils the tangs of iOS mobile game design 

"All in all, it was a great gathering of game professionals, a much more diverse audience than in previous years. Great people to share experience and learn from… and to have fun with!” commented Pavel Shtangeev, game designer at Softeq. Check out our photo report here.

KRI Awards found their winners as the curtain fell. Why not nominate one of our new games to the Awards next year? We surely have an ace in the hole!