Thursday, February 07, 2013

Mobile games? Ask Benjamin!

What do you normally do when you are at a boring meeting, on a bus, or elsewhere and need to fill in time? I guess 90% of us reach out for a mobile phone to throw some birds or smash some zombies :)

Next week will bring another milestone for the European game development community: Hamburg will hold Casual Connect Europe 2013. It is a first-class event in the industry, and Softeq, traditionally, participates (read the news). Softeq’s zGames, mobile game development division, with a handful of proprietary game products as well as those developed for the company’s clients, has a lot of experience to share. 

Meet Benjamin Groiss. If you see him around in Hamburg next week, don’t hesitate to ask how we can help you build an awesome game on iOS or Android with beautiful art and clear backend. 

In case you skip Casual Connect this time, shoot an email at to request a quote for your project. Benjamin will be back to you within 24h.  

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Softeq offers end-to-end mobile game development services, including casual games, RPGs, action, adventure games on iOS and Android  

Join Softeq at Casual Connect and enjoy the amazing atmosphere with all its fun, technology innovations, aliens, guns, plants, and efficient networking!