Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Tesla Roadster

Normally, when we talk here about cool mobile hardware, we're referring to products created by our sister company Durateq. (And if you're new to this blog, we'll bring you up to speed: Durateq is to hardware as Softeq is to software...leading edge design and development). Today though, we're talking a different kind of mobile hardware, the Tesla Roadster.

This car is 100% electric and unlike any electric car you've ever seen before. There is no electric car penalty.

Historically, it seemed to us that electric cars had been designed by people who thought we really shouldn‘t be driving at all - but if we must, we should suffer every minute of it. Electric cars have had terrible range and embarrassing styling. To those who say electric cars have been tried and failed we say, of course electric cars won't catch on if no one actually wants to drive them.

The fact they named the company after one of our heroes is an added bonus. Driving one of these roadsters would be better than that Tesla Coil we never got around to making. Fortunately we know someone on the reserved list and maybe, just maybe, we'll get a ride.