Monday, March 19, 2007

Game Development

The Game Developer's Conference has come and gone. While we don't have a game title currently in development, we've worked on game projects for SEGA, Atari, and Motorola. We've also written books on game programming, so we have a soft spot for GDC.

The music game genre has become popular, and due to their nature, they push the boundaries of new user interfaces. Two of our favorites are Guitar Hero for the Playstation and Elite Beat Agents for the Nintendo DS. It is interesting to read the history of the Elite Beat Agents and the challenges of bringing it to the US.

We're keeping our eye on the mobile game market...the outlook for mobile games gets better every year and we enjoy the challenges of developing for the platform. Games are some of the most demanding programs you can write. And fun, too.

Speaking of fun, Nintendo is back on top with their Wii console. The controller and user interface are very unique and they've introduced an entirely new way of interacting with games. If you haven't tried it, check it out...and then think of the type of program you could write if you had that same capability on the PC. Although it does have some unfortunate, unintended consequences.