Friday, March 25, 2005

CSUN Conference Wrap-Up

I wanted to thank Michael Takemura, disability director for HP, for featuring Softeq at the CSUN conference. I had the chance to present at the conference with Michael on the projects we've worked on for HP, and some of the accessibility features of those projects. Thanks, Michael.

I had not been to a conference quite like CSUN before. Softeq as a company doesn't focus on accessibility products, although several of our latest products have had accessibility features. It was very interesting to see how technology is being applied toward the betterment of everyone. I'm one of the new attendees that Ability magazine talks about.

Everyone in the HP booth was great and we met some other excellent partners as well. Companies doing some cool things with iPAQs like we are with the Durateq. One company is DynaVox Technologies and their Enkidu Labs division. Their Palmtop Impact is a device "tailored to the needs of a wide variety of augmented communicators." Here's a list of HP Accessibility Partners. Interesting stuff.

Join the HP Assistive Technology Partner (HPATP) Program. It's free.