Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Active Disk, U3, and UFDA...oh my!

We've been evaluating several different software standards for USB Drives (also known as flash drives, thumb drives, and pen drives). For example, Iomega has had their Active Disk technology for several years now.

There are two new standards on the horizon. One is from U3, a partnership formed between Sandisk and M-Systems. The other is from UFDA -- the USB Flash Drive Alliance.

What if you could walk up to any PC, insert your USB drive, and fire up all your favorite software? Not only that, your favorites lists are there, your email (with address book), and chat program. The best part -- when you remove the drive, there is no record you were ever there. The really best part? It's all available now.

Jeremy Wagstaff has a good list of USB Drive software in his LOOSE wire blog. As a developer, it will be interesting to see how this all unfolds.