Sunday, January 16, 2005

Intuitive Integration: Travel Wi-Fi

The Apple iPod is great, but another Apple product we really like is the Airport Express. It is a Wi-Fi access point that is small, doesn't need a power adapter, supports 802.11b/g, and it supports Windows. You don't need any drivers...just plug it in and it works.

When you're traveling, you can just plug it into those broadband dongles in a lot of hotel rooms now. You won't be stuck at the desk or wherever the hotel decided the internet cable should be. Instant wireless access anywhere in your hotel room, and if you don't enable WEP, for any other room within reach.

Compare the Airport Express to the Pocket Router from DLink. Why carry a wall wart, extra wires, etc? So many companies don't re-design products to fit the requirements. Instead of using what we at Softeq like to call "intuitive integration," DLink just made a smaller version of their router. Yet somehow they still got the Mobile Choice award. Go figure.

The Apple Airport Express gets our vote. Great stuff.