Thursday, September 24, 2015

“How Many Fingers?” HandyCase to Hit the New Touchscreen Era

Seems so simple and obvious, but turns out to be a landmark in touchscreen era: soon we’ll be able to operate our tablets or smartphones using their backs just the same as front screens.

That is thanks to Tong Luo, a CTO at HandScape Inc., who made up his mind to give our fingers that used to rest behind the device the job of touch controlling. It’s all about the HandyCase project we are honored to take our part in, that is now awaiting the launch of the full package release at Kickstarter, having raised about 75% out of $100,000 required as of now. It’s been recently saluted on quite a number of international tech resources including CNetEngadgetPocket-lint, and made the list of Krowdfund's Top 10 Kickstarter Campaigns You Should Back Right Now. Now the HandScape’s team is working hard to bring HandyCase to us as soon as possible. 

Touch-sensitive Back from Black
The solution is designed as a wireless gadget for the latest iPhones, the iPad Mini and the iPad Air based on Apple’s Magic Trackpad functionality. Attached onto the back of the iOS device for making it touch-sensitive, HandyCase allows a user to engage the eight fingers holding the gadget into the controlling experience. An additional fun feature making the case even more wowsome is that while operating a device from behind the screen, one can even see through it!

Softeq’s helping tech hand really came in: the HandScape’s team needed an experienced development service provider with proven Android competency and middleware implementation expertise.

Giving a Low Five: Digits Differ
HandyCase is empowered with a capability of capturing and analyzing motion events, locating touch points of the fingers and rendering the results into a virtual hand image projected onto the tablet’s screen overlaying all the currently running apps. Moreover, the illusion of the device’s transparency is complemented with a choice of the mode users prefer to see their fingers: the ordinary kind, robotic digits or x-ray hands. HandyCase connects to the user’s device through Bluetooth enabling a remote control even when the gadget isn’t attached.


Gaming Glory Wanted
Fun is never too much and never enough! That’s why speaking about games within the HandyCase is both a great joy and disappointment at the same time. No wonder that HandyCase provides an exciting gaming experience through its “transparency”, but the point is that HandyCase operates with apps that have been developed for this gadget only. Thus, for now, gaming is limited to one official app released on iTunes — HandsCube featuring intuitive controls in a Rubik's Cube style to make players fully enjoy the gadget’s innovative fun. At the same time, a huge work on new game apps for HandyCase is going on, and the gadget’s inventor stated that as soon as his creation launches, other games would be available as well, along with the app enabling access to a camera, photo viewer, map, and book reader.


Backstage Anticipation and Rewarded Pledge 
As the Kickstarter campaign for HandyCase moves at a steady pace becoming closer to its $100,000 goal and gaining loyal customers, seems like there are quite many of those eager to get the device for a wise backer price from $99 to $149. Having won several awards for the innovation and inspired with strong backer support, HandyCase looks promising enough to become a global trend in operation with smartphones and tablets. We are honored to have contributed to its development and wish HandScape’s team a good luck and a soon launch!

Friday, August 21, 2015

Historic Park Springs into an Advanced Adventure Due to Assistive Tech

Lifetime adventure of the DURATEQ® Assistive Technology System goes on and on, covering more extensive area of theme parks and museums across the U.S. supporting Audio Description, Assistive Listening and Closed Captioning. As long as the Cuyahoga Valley National Park took on a project targeted at reequipping the former Canal Visitor Center into a new attraction, the Canal Exploration Center, their team was seeking a seasoned provider of assistive technologies to enable an immersive experience to the visitors with visual and hearing impairments.

Having embedded software development services among its main differentiators, Softeq managed to meet the Canal Exploration Center team’s requirements with its DURATEQ® Assistive Technology System, which successfully came through the installation procedure within the venue in Valley View, Ohio.

Opened in 2014, the Canal Exploration Center offers a trip into the Canal Era with its people’s struggles for freedom, acceptance, work, and trade development through a series of interactive and engaging exhibits with games and maps, focusing on the historic Ohio & Erie Canal life.

The present day construction differs from the one of the 1800’s, which had lower ceilings and smaller rooms, initially hosting a residence, a tavern, as well as general store.

The DURATEQ® Assistive Technology System implemented by Softeq helps visitors with hearing loss, low vision or blindness fully enjoy the venue through assistive listening (ALS) or audio description (AD). The system is composed of five handheld devices and one five-unit charging station. One of the most important requirements of the Canal Exploration Center team was an uninterruptable output of audio description on the handhelds.

Thus, precise arrangement of the infrared (IR) emitters around each major exhibit fixed the problem completely. Three FM transmitters placed at the interactive exhibits send audio descriptions to FCC designated assistive listening frequencies, amplified on the DURATEQ handhelds. In order to provide all guests with an utterly immersive experience, Softeq team installed two additional FM transmitters enabling assistive listening and audio description in the theater.

For those who are planning a trip to Ohio, especially with the family, the Canal Exploration Center is definitely a must-see, as it offers a nice chance to plunge into a two-century-long history given in a captivating way for people of all ages and all abilities.

Friday, August 07, 2015

Cutting Short: Windows 10 Challenge Accepted

High time to draw a clear line under the survey revealing the last bits of our observations. Setting off for the web and juggling quite a number of programs started one by one, we fully appreciated the pleasure of Virtual Desktops in the upgraded version enabling to work within multiple separate projects and tasks at once. Now, thinking out loud, we bag the wheat we picked from the chaff.

Leaving Fails behind the Edge
Except for rename, the Microsoft Edge browser has some new features making one’s surfing a bit of entertainment. Just like as if reading a newspaper, one can add notes or highlight places on the webpage, and then crop a particular area sending it through social media or mailing accounts right away.

What concerns the native Photos app, it is now capable of editing photos, letting users upload them from their OneDrive accounts as well.

Apps Becoming the Apple of the Eye
One of the major problems remains within the Microsoft Store: no news about the mobile apps for Windows that they are not numerous at all, generally created within whatever funds remain after iOS and Android. That’s where quite a number of bugs and lags come from — just take Viber hardly opening popup messages within seven secs, lacking in group chats above all. Seems to be pretty enough space to patch.

On the other side, in the new Windows Store one is going to get apps running on any device, be it laptop or tablet, future Microsoft creations included. Moreover, employing “Continuum” it is possible to connect your device to a monitor and keyboard using it as a PC.
By the way, quite a number of users mourn the absence of Windows Media Center — DVD playback and desktop gadgets now got left behind.

The Tenth That Rocked


All in all, there is a good reason to congratulate Microsoft with a balanced and prospective “crossing” of Windows’ 7th and 8th, smartly sensor-adapted. We got pretty inspired to implement it within our desktop apps development projects for its handy modules and clear UI.

The audience that would probably turn into the most ardent admirers of Windows 10 is the gamer one for the opportunities of Xbox One games streaming and DirectX 12 support. 

So, what about a general audience of home users? As far as upgrade to the 10th is free for the major part of us, and support is far longer than it was with the previous versions, the first question to ask ourselves is the following: “Am I comfortable with my current Windows version?” Seems like those using Windows 8.1 (especially ones having sensor screens) would rather upgrade. The same can’t be said for sure about the 7th version adherents though, which are quite numerous, as the system goes pretty good. 

Anyway, there’s still an opportunity to take your time until the critical juncture, which is going to be the release of Windows 10 Mobile in the fall 2015, stated to enable a tight and smooth integration between desktop and mobile systems. Anticipating the next boom, we continue working hard on complex solutions within the platform, wowing our customers and bringing us immense joy of accomplishment.

Thursday, August 06, 2015

Reviewing Windows 10 Sacred Code: Thirty Years to Reach the Tenth

The stronger the belief that Windows 10 is going to be “the final chord”, the greater the wish to make sure whether “the tenth era” would be of no serious disappointments. Being a long-term Microsoft partner with core competencies in App Developement and Enterprise Mobility, we deliver solutions obtaining the “Certified for Windows” status, and thus rejoice the Microsoft OS updating and growing more sensor-friendly. As long as we've got some projects within Windows coming up soon, we did our best to be among the pioneers downloading and testing the new version.

Watch Drivers, Watch Safety
No troubles with drivers for computer components whatsoever — that’s what we appreciated right at once, getting our test started. Nevertheless, some reporters in the Internet say that while installing the translated versions they still had to download some drivers, which caused several infected file intakes. That’s where the Defender showed lacking in power: the viruses went undetected making it clear that setting up a mature security app remains a must.

Security patches, however, now go straight to user’s PC at the very moment of their release, separately from the system updates. Another problem here is that the installation starts by default, causing Windows Explorer crushes, as many users report.

Simplifying PIN Formalities
The desktop starting up was a little bit annoying taking about a quarter longer than it used to. Then came the logging in procedure, familiar by Windows 8 along with the necessity to integrate your live account with the system in order to max it out and get access to the new Microsoft Store. But the best thing about the procedure is that there’s no need to create a complex PIN-code — four digits will be pretty enough.

Someone to Talk Sense
Unable to conceal a rush of joy, we see the Start Menu back again, hope for good. Moreover, it’s now in the center of the Taskbar, closely interacting with Cortana to become no less than your right hand performing a well of actions. One can either type or talk to make a search request, and the results will include not only the internal files or apps, but a list of web links as well.

What is especially significant about Cortana is that now the desktop version is as powerful as the mobile one, for Windows 10 inherited all the features from its phone fellow. Cortana will kindly show you a weather forecast, send you reminders tied to a particular place, time, and people as long as you ask it to. Top news, music releases, traffic jams — there are just plenty of things one can get informed about with the aid of Cortana, let alone the help of “classical” note recorder, alarm, music player, apps manager, and maps upgraded with the Streetside mode making users take virtual tours and discovery places of interest around.

Now let us take our time to go backstage again and finish testing the tenth’ services. Until we are back with our conclusions, we would be glad to see your comments on the Windows 10 upgrade experience. Those seeking Windows development skills are greatly welcomed as well.

Thursday, July 09, 2015

Swift Dreams Behind the Programming Scenes

Filling the minds across the IT industry, Swift seems to be constantly on the community members’ lips. Some admire its simplicity and conciseness, some blame it for being raw or incomplete, while others even claim that Swift’s functionality isn’t worth that much attention, and the surge of delight around its current release is no more than a massive marketing campaign, which Apple forked out quite a bit of money for.

Thus, we made up our minds to put together our expertise in programming on Swift and other languages with observations, briefs and extensive reviews we studied — both laudatory and denouncing, tracking the most significant features and functional similarities.

Out of Whose Ribs?
Any new language stems from a number of its predecessors, and Swift is not an exception. One of its greatest advantages is that Swift creators were obviously struggling to make their brainchild a refined and polished embodiment of the best features of the existing programming languages. So, what is there in common between Swift and its elder brothers?

C# and Java
Quite a number of Swift’s functional elements come from languages like C# and Java: protocols seem to be of the same breed with interfaces. Integers — signed and unsigned, and data structure declarations are no inventions as well.

Ruby, JavaScript, and Python
An adopted feature increasing Swift’s appeal is an opportunity to get by with missing semicolons as optional marks while ending statements. What concerns Swift’s dictionaries, they are much alike hash tables in JavaScript. 

Scala and Opa
A smart way to avoid bringing “handmade” bugs into one’s code while typing is to employ type inference as a perfect tool saving time for annotating variables. 

Cold Fusion, JSP & co
Interminable wrestling with string templating often turns into a nightmare for the painful necessity to use rather monstrous constructions while comparing and binding strings. Following the example of several other languages, Swift gives a free hand in using simple “+” and “=” characters in all statements, switch ones included.

Lisp, Lua, and Python
Just like in the abovementioned languages, tuples in Swift offer grouping elements into compound variables or vice versa — cutting compounds into separate constants or variables, irrespective of what the values type in a tuple is, and approaching them by 0-starting index numbers.

Swift’s Generics resemble Templates in C++, as both are reusable with different variables, and do not require rewriting each type.

Both Objective-C and Swift feature an automatic reference counting, that we also know as a native garbage collection in C# and Java. Swift also employs closures, which are much alike Objective-C’s blocks. Above all, Swift and Objective-C’s code bases are interoperable, which enables matching them while converting apps or building new ones.

Wowsome Coderoom
Perhaps the most exciting tool offered by Swift is its Playground, which is an interactive environment where the result of code changes can be seen immediately just as one types. The playground itself comes saved as a separate file, and the number of playgrounds one can build is unlimited. The tool sets a programmer free of an Xcode project creation serving as a simple console-like testing instrument. The playground also provides an opportunity to check the value of a variable through a side bar.

Sweat for Swift
Even though the developers who already code in Swift noticed that the transition wasn’t that painful, some of them admitted the process of converting the language into a computer-readable format being too power-consuming even for Macbook Pro laptops.

The Advantage of Being the Last
Yet, while new features keep being added, developers prefer to take their time before falling into large projects employing Swift. At the same time, customers seeking iOS development skills show a lively interest in Swift projects, driven by the idea that they would be among the priority ones getting the green light or extra support.

Well, how are you getting on with Swift?

Thursday, June 04, 2015

Something Borrowed, Something Blue: the Internet Trends 2015

It can be easily detected even without a thorough knowledge of stats that the Internet audience runs into billion, coming now over 3 billion barrier. Global usage means nothing but global changes — thus, hereby we are going to pick some of the real things while inspecting the worldwide milestones, trends, and tendencies brought by the Internet taking the planet by storm.


#1. “High Hopes”: The Internet Has Yet to Hit
What makes many analysts believe that the impact of the Internet would soon start gaining more momentum than one could ever imagine is the distribution of its influence on users as appropriate to the major spheres of life. The greatest shares come to the general consumer, business, and security, while the smallest one still goes to the sectors of government, regulation, and policy thinking.

#2. Mobile Seemingly Invincible
Analyzing most recent reports on the internet usage and smartphone subscription, one can notice that there is no feverish demand anymore — the growth comes slack. However, as for mobile, it becomes a sort of Atlas, aiding the Internet usage to strengthen due to the large relentless consumer data and video traffic through the mobile devices connected 24/7. By the way, despite all the efforts of developers wearing themselves for the sake of small screen vertical viewing, still about 2/3 of users in the USA spend more time on horizontal one.

#3. Smartphones and Tablets for Ads Gourmets
No wonder that mobile smartphones and tablets win more and more popularity from desktop under conditions of digital media growth. That mainly concerns advertising and monetization, where mobile rates increase, especially when it comes to the market leaders. Thus, the tried-and-true way to make your ads cost-effective, interactive, and fun is to optimize them for mobile. Besides, what makes the mobile ads sustainably compelling for both consumers and businesses is that the framework offers a plenty of space for discoveries in advertising format — from cinematic pins to vessel or carousel ads, as well as a free hand in creating new exciting elements like buy buttons.

#4. Must-have or Beware Enterprise Software
Seems like Softeq had the clue while putting Enterprise Web Solutions among its priorities, as world-known enterprise software authorities notice that the specified industry is about to continue having a potentially decisive influence within the market. One would find difficulty to quarrel with this statement when executing analysis of the improvements made possible due to the thriving of the enterprise software. Business communications, analytics, planning and performance optimization, online and offline payments and transaction dynamic management, effective customer communication, reduction of expenses on human resources and hiring — that is a non-exclusive list of strides within the sphere.

#5. Drones, Please: New “Pets” Charming the World
Being among the highly anticipated global innovations of recent years, drones prove to be efficient and applicable for a constantly replenishing list of areas. The rapid growth of consumer drone shipments in 2014 is truly noteworthy, amounting to 35% in the USA, 30% in Europe, and 15% in China, as reported on Above all, increasingly broad becomes commercial drone use. Always trying to be on the innovation frontier, Softeq’s embedded and hardware design team works on R&D within the area, helping early adopters of drones-for-business model win a larger share of the growing market.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Calling “Karma Police” on Mobile C#

While recapping a number of recently published rankings on app developer trends, we make sure that C# steadily gains maturity becoming a tool of necessity for developers building enterprise mobility solutions. Now we are going to inspect where such a tendency is coming from. Well, “are you there, Moriarty”?

C# Across The Length and Breadth

Source: VisionMobile
Along with the structurally alike Java, C# demonstrates the most significant growth in popularity among the full-time professionals, being one of the surest means of giving effect to all the cross-platform capabilities of desktop, embedded, mobile, and web apps on Windows, iOS, Android, and other operating systems across a couple billion devices. Portability is what it's all about!

Even though for Unity game developers C# is in the top-list of languages, its most frequent spheres of application are business apps, enterprise mobile solutions, and utilities. Besides, it found a considerable acceptance as a single tool within device and server, coming almost nip and tuck with Java.

“I Wish I Were Special”: Why Falling For?

What are the magic strings that make C# hit the mark? Well, there is quite a collection of features making it handy yet easily comprehensible by those having a good command of other programming languages. Let us take a peek at the most admired of them.
  • Encapsulation within the framework of object-oriented programming facilitates the structuring process making the code easily reusable.
  • Native functional and asynchronous programming capabilities enable developers with extra flexibility.
  • Type safety tool provides programmers with delight of compile-time bug fixing, which prevents companies from wasting man-hours for error programs about to crash.
  • Is there anything that braces one up like finding you don’t have to collect garbage? Using C# one enjoys the advantage of native garbage collection capability, that allows developers to plunge into their business thoroughly and delightfully.

Code Save the Windows

Although it is not about Microsoft platforms and services only anymore, Windows phone remains the primary platform for C# developers, being twice more popular than iOS on average. As an integral component of Xamarin, C# provides a fertile ground for custom development needs within numerous platforms while using a shared C# codebase. What Softeq’s Xamarin-skilled team makes a strong focus on is achieving considerably shorter turnaround time while building quality facilitators with the help of special tools.

Explore our expertise and capabilities in app development for smartphones and tablets powered by Windows here:

Thursday, April 30, 2015

VRable, ARable, Wearable — All Suitable?

Analyzing the experience of recently visited conferences in the game development industry and talking a lot to our clients and partners in this field, our good old friends at zGames contemplated on the practical conclusions and development strategy updates and produced an insight on gaming trends that are likely to boom in the nearest future. Here is the summary of their findings, and if you get your kicks from the details rather than the story-cut-short, please proceed to the original article at
Beyond the Boundaries of Reality
The virtual reality concept utterly enamoured the entertainment world, involving into Virtual and Augmented Reality race a collection of industry giants and inspiring smaller companies to venture out into the battle of innovation ideas. 

See more funny pictures in the original article

“Losing Flesh” or “Going Out Among the People”
How to overcome the industry movers and shakers while gaining gamers’ love? Quite an issue it is, but still there are always ways out. Some developers manage to wriggle along introducing lite HTML game demos, making life easier for users unwilling to download the game before testing it. Others prefer social integration in the manifold in order to remain closely engaged with the gamers’ audience. 

Your Personal Jesus
Whether we like it or not, the patronage of AAA-Title Developers cannot be understated. The best thing is that indie studios do not necessarily have to bend over backwards in order to be grunted an audience, as heavy hitters themselves launch special programs for talented teams offering a helping hand while the latter are on their way to gaming Olympus. 

Digital Games Gaining Sense
Anyone’s rest of those anathematizing digital gamification in educational? No way we hope. As educational game development and integration into the learning process proved to be increasingly efficient in terms of new material comprehension — and that now comes beyond controversy throughout educators’ environment.  

Console and Gym: Pieces of Desolation?  
The evolution of devices turns mobile phones into phablets, empowering them with extra performance and responsiveness that are perfectly enough for hardcore gaming. Equally, eSports gain appreciation by leaps and bounds, which makes them reminiscent of the Olympics.

Speaking with Toys: Play for Real
Wearables industry has its feet on the ground, covering more and more marketspace throughout a number of fields — from gaming and sports to medicine and manufacturing. Moreover, the digital gaming emerges into the real world at the will of the industry Atlases, who breathe life into their toys framing them with a capacity of near field communication with users’ gamepads and consoles.

Read more about the hardcore and casual poles of gaming and discover the ways to use the technology for in-world gaming reading the full version of the article here:  

Friday, April 24, 2015

Softeq in Roboland

We Softeqians trust in robotics. That’s because it is not just about gizmos to be trifled with like many people used to believe, but the complex technologies making our planet a definitely cool place to live in. Self-driving cars ensuring roadways safety, the ambulance drones hurrying on a moment’s demand like angels of emergency — these are only the few ones about to be implemented in the nearest future.

Ever heard about National Robotics Week? That is what a major event in robotics should be like: 250+ events in all 50 United States — quite a scope it is! Softeq doesn’t ever miss a chance to follow such grand events up, because those are where the future of the industry is outlined.

For 9 days from April 4 the events’ participants and guests were experiencing the robotics innovation all around the US. Thus, reaping the fruits and examining a flood of references on the Robotics Week, we picked the most exciting of what had happened.

Sales, Discounts, and Auctions
Apart from a wide range of sessions, conferences and business meetings featuring the Robotics Week, quite a number of tech equipment shops claimed mass discounts and sales. One could buy robots for learning or teaching electronics and programming, for robotics summer camps, as well as participate in an online equipment auction for industrial machinery. 

Cambridge Science Festival: Sci. Carnival & Robot Zoo
That was a right place to taste the enticing mixture of numerous science and robotics fields and rejoice the carnival of robots from all over the world. Solar Fuels, Legos, drones, underwater robots, Chairbots and iRobots — the most eccentric company ever.

Silicon Valley Robot Block Party
WilmerHale in Palo Alto hosted about 1000 participants within the industry, representing the most competent hands-on robotics research in Silicon Valley, high-end robots’ builders, and the cutest startups. Moreover, the event was free, featuring a display of an enormous collection of unimaginable robots, concluding with an amazing Bots&Beer private afterparty.

Innovative Toy of the Year
The Innovative Toy of the Year Award goes to… WowWee’s MiP. Examining its gesturesense technology, “immersive personality” and “endless fun”, we come conceived that an iOS- or Android-powered MiP understands its robot business, featuring several game modes while balancing on two wheels.

Got inspired by the world of robots? So did we. Being deeply concerned about the R&D within the sphere, Softeq’s embedded and hardware design team creates a wide scope of solutions for business, entertainment, research, and other fields. Now you are welcome to take a peek at the Roboland of our own, Softeq’s secret lab at the very center of seething Texas!  

Our Sales Director going into details of the industrial process

DURATEQ Assistive Technology System
BlinkFX cutaway view
Out of chaos the Order and Innovation spring

Friday, March 27, 2015

Cards face-up: Any Reasons to Celebrate?

In the article about the interview with Head of Softeq’s Web Development Competency Center, we recalled the strategic plans and objectives set for our Web Team in mid 2014. At a glance, one can find them quite ambitious: continue specializing in content-heavy scalable web development and high-performance solutions, delivering a number of comprehensive line-of-business solutions with powerful back-ends while cooperating with mobile and embedded teams, and, last but not least — doubling the resource base.
Now we are going to reap the fruits of the 9-month “web race”. Well, what have we here?

What a Piece of Work is a Web
The solutions delivered by our Web Team differ surprisingly — in terms of both technological complexity and scope of application they are much more advanced than what one usually expects from a web app. Let us take a look at some of our projects, already implemented or nearing completion.

Comprehensive Sensor Data Acquisition and Management System
Meeting the security requirements to the computer laboratory equipment, the SaaS-based solution features retrieval and transmission of data from multiple distributed humidity and temperature sensors to a web solution with a powerful interface. A complex laboratory equipment management system consists of hardware, embedded software and web components to acquire, process and store statistics from multiple sensors. Full description is here:

eGovernment Platform Re-Engineering
The product is an upgraded solution for a complex eGovernment platform, optimizing case management process and electronic filing with detailed reporting and stats. The development involved a complex of network, integration and software engineering services. It is remarkable for complex non-trivial workflows and virtual interview technology automating a comprehensive process of case intake.

The solution is integrated with payment and SMS gateways, supporting functional and technological module updates. The solution’s revamped architecture is scalable and allows high load — in terms of simultaneous users and heavy content processing — while keeping the performance high-speed. Selenium framework serves as a base for the product’s test automation, while the stress and load go tested with Apache Jmeter. Learn more: 

Samsung Smart TV App
Having the digital video content server-based, the app provides instant access to the list of categorized movies and TV programs displayed along with trailers. The development allows the user watching videos in a player fashion, purchasing chosen ones with the credit card. The product has been approved by Samsung, making the list of its Smart TV applications. The app is portable to Sony, Toshiba, LG, and Phillips as well. Read more at

eLearning Platform for Medical Students
The application contains two portals: one is for overall administration of testing procedures, the other one is for users — prospective medical students across US and Canada preparing for Medical College Admission Test.

The Admin Portal serves for creation and modification of tests, setting the time and difficulty parameters, browsing through the test results and exporting an Excel file with the report.
The User Portal provides the possibility to take full-length and mini-tests, even free ones for non-registered users. Getting finished the test, users look through the score report, which then goes exported into an Excel file. Users can run the test once again with the correct answers visible. See more at 

Web vs. Mobile: Friend or Foe?
In the light of spinning up web development of high complexity and spreading the word about the skilled engineers of Softeq, expanding the manpower was a task that the Web Team performed easily, doubling its might. At present, the core Web Development team reaches 45 people, numbering two dozen barely 9 months ago.   

This is partly explained by the fact that apart from pure web and desktop solutions our Java, .NET and PHP professionals get often involved into our mobile projects to help build more robust and feature-rich enterprise mobility solutions.

Mobile Solutions – another core competency center of Softeq that houses cutting-edge developments for Nike and NVIDIA – is gaining momentum. The global trend is to turn mobile business apps into efficient tools meaning they require powerful web back-ends for data access, transfer and processing. Speaking about our recent projects in this space, there’s been a dozen that saw the light thanks to the helpful cooperation between Softeq Web and Mobile teams. Let’s look at a couple.

NVISION: A Content-rich Interactive News App
This user-friendly client-server app for Android covers the hottest gaming and hi tech stories handpicked and published by the Dialect editors with visuals and video of high definition. The solution is integrated with social media, while the content feeds are accessible through both the mobile app and a full-scale NVISION website. Read more at 

Inteliscope: Smartphone-powered Interactive Riflescope
The multiplatform mobile client-server application was debugged, enhanced and delivered within the cooperation of Softeq’s Web and Mobile teams. The solution transforms a mobile phone into a riflescope for tactical rifles, airsoft guns, and paintball markers. Using built-in smartphone’s sensors, the app captures and displays the environmental data on the screen making the shooting experience more immersive. Full information is here: 

An iOS Client-Server Dating Application
Developed and graphically designed from scratch by Softeq, the Unity-driven dating app resorts gamification in order to deliver more entertaining experience to its users. Being integrated with several analytical tools, the solution offers more targeted in-app messaging, providing an effective user engagement and higher retention. Read more: