Wednesday, April 20, 2016

How Mobile is Changing the Car Economy

Every other announcement within the tech-focused circles goes that mobile-automotive partnership really holds great potential for the future, which exactly means a leap towards the advent of connected cars. Being a critical challenge on the worldwide consumer electronics agenda, connected vehicles require an exceptional tech maturity, advanced risk management, and a carefully vetted business strategy more than any other component of the IoT environment. So the chances are that today’s conventional business and sales strategies would soon become no longer feasible. In the meantime, we witness them upending one way or the other due to the “all-mobile and connected” fever. Let us then contemplate what kind of changes are just around the corner from the car ownership and pricing perspectives.

From Car Sharing to Autonomous Driving


Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Trends to Take Home from CES and MWC 2016: Part II

Mobile Front-runners and Giants Living Out Their Careers 
Sure enough, it’s not by CES alone that we learn about the all-embracing tech trends. Another must-visit event highlighting innovative projects and cutting-edge initiatives is the Mobile World Congress. Since our team had a chance to attend both of the events, we couldn’t but feel content that maintaining a strong focus on the Internet of Things, connected objects, and VR/AR helps us stay on the right track.

Apart from readily apparent heyday of VR products, technologies, and services, a whole lot of other fascinating solutions shone up to the amazed audience. Our major takeaways from MWC 2016 are as follows:

  • Next-gen Bluetooth enabled accessories like LG’s and Samsung’s 360-degree action cameras together with robotic toys by Sony seem to start challenging well-liked wearables, which were almost nowhere to be found at MWC. 


Trends to Take Home from CES and MWC 2016

Year in year out the whirling merry-go-round of the world’s major tech events called Consumer Electronics Show and Mobile World Congress presents to the world all the gizmos and widgets one could think of and even more.

CES 2016 became a stage of plenty electric cars and driving gadgets, drones, smart home systems, VR devices and sets, 3D printers, all-popular smartwatches, devices for tracking health and fitness wearables, and more. The event has always been considered by the tech business tribe as quite a trendsetting environment, and that’s not for nothing. The highly-anticipated solutions gain maturity and flesh reducing the time to market and getting closer to the consumer.  

Now let’s get straight to the point and zoom in on the CES 2016 trends that we can reasonably be sure will continue to evolve changing the tech industry game around the world. 

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Drones Challenges for Global Minds: Part II

Here we are with the last bits of our little investigation on drone challenges. High time to move on to the accidents column.

# 4 Ever Fly, Ever Crash
Whatever safe and elaborate a tech device is programmed to be, accidents happen. Thus, the statistics revealed that Air Force drones set a sorrowful record of crashes last year.


Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Drones Challenges for Global Minds

Although tech giants are struggling to overpower one another with their drone delivery system developments, the advent of global drone services era gets stuck delayed by swarming issues — from the US Federal Aviation Administration’s regulations to purely technical concerns. Being deeply engaged in "drones-for-business" projects, we decided to make up a brief of major challenges that impede the initiatives and efforts underway to present drone-based services at the international arena. 

# 1 The Pretty Reckfull: Air Traffic Jam


Monday, January 04, 2016

Top 13 Tech Trends for 2016: Part II

Are you ready to step into the new tech era? Working out our production and marketing strategies for the year 2016, we continue scraping through the piles of predictions filtering the most close to life ones to be ahead of the game on the IT market next year. Come join us! 

#7 “Becoming X”: Machine Learning Security
Improving analytics services, tracking user behavior, detecting network troubles or malware — these are just a few parts of magic that machine learning works today enhancing system security. To enjoy it at full capacity, one should care to employ those open source machine learning tools along with their APIs that major clouds boast now.


Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Top 13 Trends on the Tech Radar in 2016

Do you care about forecasts? We do, in case they concern technology and are made up by the industry gurus and researchers who for sure know the ropes. Thus, we carefully collected the predictions that seemed most promising to us avoiding those Utopian or longshot. Here you go: the list of tech trends that are coming soon — perhaps, even in 2016. 

#1 Requiem for Adobe Flash
Not out of the blue, but sure enough: meaning the upcoming Adobe flash’s passing away, Google AdWords now offers HTML5 playback of advertisements, thus leaving poor chances to Flash. For the gaming industry this brings dramatic changes too, forcing many studios consider migrating their titles from Flash to Unity before it’s too late.


Thursday, December 17, 2015

The Durateq® ATV Year Round Up: Celebrating its 30th Installation at the U.S. Holy of Holies

If the Durateq were a distance runner, it would race as fast as Forrest Gump used to. In the run-up to its 10 years anniversary, anticipating a new challenging section of its path, DURATEQ® Assistive Technology System was successfully installed in several major locations to cater for the needs of a most sensitive clientele ever. 

Providing a year-round accessible experience for all guests throughout the most popular public venues, including museums, parks, memorials, and other prominent landmarks, in 2015 Durateq reached a couple of true milestones. Let’s take a closer look at them.

Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Softeq’s Firmware Engineer Named the Member of the Month by the Silicon Labs Community

Giving and asking for a helping hand at the proper time is a straight way to luck. We may say this for sure through the experience of Dmitry, Firmware Engineer at Softeq’s Embedded Systems Department, who was lately named the member of the month by the Silicon Labs Community. Dmitry excelled others writing detailed articles that help other members avoid issues while employing specific tools by the manufacturer. 

Monday, December 07, 2015

Taking Over Best Practices: Three Tech Hubs Evolving Outside the U.S.

We finally found out all that we’ve been struggling to discover about remarkable yet somewhat off-the-beaten-track tech destinations, and thus wind down the research. Let’s come take a look at tech business ecosystem of Jordan now!

#3 Jordan: a Monarchy Protégé, a MENA Tech pioneer, and a GDP Foremost Producer

Gaining momentum in the international tech industry arena, Jordan can rightly be claimed one of the richest Arab world's tech goldmines. Armed with the royal blessing and investments, the country’s tech hub emerged into a constitutive sector of the state economy that raises about 12% of its GDP, hosts 300+ startups and 600+ tech companies, and offers 84,000 jobs.

Queen Rania